I provide a high quality, economical service to smaller charitable organisations seeking to increase team capacity, become more professional and better meet their aims.

This means:

icon-13Greater impact

icon-12Staff and trustees achieving greater satisfaction in their work

icon-10Donors seeing what their contributions have achieved

icon-11Partners experience positive
changes in their lives

icon-09Resources are better utilised

As a consultant, I ask three questions:

and I’m passionate about helping you to meet your goals through careful and innovative processes.

I aim to:

  • ask questions in a way that builds confidence.
  • use participative methods, often going directly to the key stakeholders who the organisation works with.
  • value local experts, looking at their responses in conjunction with other sources of information to establish deep insights into the situation. This can reveal why things may not be working as well as you’d like. It may uncover problems or opportunities which need to be addressed.
  • (most importantly) give advice on how to overcome these obstacles.

I aim to bring this service to you in the most effective way. Your organisation is unique, so I offer a solution tailor-made to your particular set of skills, time-frame, obstacles and resources.

I offer a range of solutions aimed at meeting your situation specifically paying sensitive and compassionate attention to relationships.